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4 Questions for Saskia Geraldine Petz

I've got featured in SWONET on Stage with the new gig I started as marketing manager for a small Swiss startup called beginning of May 2022.

For my international followers I made a translation of the article here:

Originally I come from Germany and studied media design there and in the USA. That was the first international bachelor course on new media in Germany. After that I moved directly to Switzerland and worked both as a freelancer and on the corporate side in different industries in branding, video, design and marketing.

Mainly in marketing in B2B but also consulting with marketing strategy and coaching with startups and sole proprietors.

In the beginning of my career I was more creative and design focused. Later I realized I had a soft spot for marketing and wanted to work more strategically. Then from my family side with entrepreneurs, I also had an interest in entrepreneurship. I am very broad with my expertise, which I owe to my natural interest in constant learning. Social selling and social media in general, sales funnels, and frameworks for content creation are currently in my focus. I run two brands on the side with which I can dedicate myself to my personal interests, on the one hand to art with art-wired ( and on the other hand in the marketing area with Solo Brand ( Since May 2022 I have taken a new job as Marketing Manager at the start-up and I am looking forward to find new target groups in Switzerland and to build a brand.

If you like, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

SWONET: What fascinates and excites you about your work?

Saskia Petz: I like the versatility and flexibility in the media and marketing world. You don't have to commit to one industry and you can constantly develop and there is always something new. It takes a good understanding of people but also an affinity for new technology. I find it exciting to bring creativity and strategy together and to work on visions and make them a reality. Marketing plays a big role in motivating people and finding out what moves them.

SWONET: How do you view career, past and present?

Saskia Petz: For me it was always important to combine creativity and my logical side. When I was young, it was important for me to try things out and also to have freedom. To have self-responsibility and also to help shape and develop the companies in which I worked. Titles or career goals were not so much in focus, more the work itself, a good team and exciting projects. Today I think that the lifestyle you want to lead should be considered together with your career. Nowadays everything is much more flexible and there are more possibilities to achieve family AND career goals.

SWONET: What is your advice for women starting a career or founding a company?

Saskia Petz: Be active on all social media channels and build and maintain your network on and offline. The earlier the better and always with your future goals in mind. You are always just one contact away for a next step or a new opportunity. And: most limits are only in your head, so listen to intuition and gut feeling rather than other opinions. Otherwise you live additionally in the limitations of the others. When making decisions, be courageous more often and give ideas a chance. If you have the opportunity, a mentor is a good opportunity to reach your goals in a more direct way, because you don't have to make the experiences and mistakes yourself first.

My extra tip for female founders is to also think about an exit scenario before you start. This is sometimes difficult because you are very enthusiastic at the beginning and you don't want to think about failure.

SWONET: How do you start the day?

Saskia Petz: Ideally, I meditate for at least 20 minutes after getting up. After that I have a Bulletproof Coffee while my daughter has breakfast. If I still have time, I like to write down my "Genius Ideas", which helps me to develop new ideas and concepts before I switch to work mode.

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