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40 TikTok hooks that might make you go viral

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I have to admit, as a Millenial, Marketer and Media Designer I thought TikTok is for teenagers only. A bit like SnapChat. But then there was GaryVee talking about TikToks all the time and about NFTs. So I thought to give it a chance and dig deeper into these new technologies. Whereas NFTS are a bit harder to wrap my head around, I suddenly understood a thing or two about TikTok from my long experience as a creative media designer and marketer.

Everything seems to fall into place right here and right now. The age of storytelling has arrived. And quality doesn't matter too much anymore. GenZ loves authentic and relatable content. So the word "relatable" was a bit abstract but I finally got it what it meant. It means that someone has exactly the problem you are showing them. Or they can relate to it because they have experienced it before. This is exactly what TikTok is about. The truth of daily living, making really bad jokes like the ones you would only do with your best friends and so cringe-worthy you wouldn't dare to share it with your boss or mother in law.

Now an older demographic coming to TikTok, the 30-50+ should leave you thinking and make you hop onto this train as long as there is something left like organic reach. I am not gonna lie and tell you that you need the storytelling skills and valuable content to still kill it on TikTok. The dream of growth without work is not coming true also on this platform. But still there are chances to go viral, and that is basically the idea with each video.

The only follower count you should worry about is to reach 1000 followers as this will enable you to add your website link to your bio. TikTok is as good as your latest video in the eyes of other TikTok users. I spare you the technical details of the video production in this article and soley focus on sharing some ideas with you that could help you finding ideas for video production. By the way, these will help you in any other marketing situation as well.

To save you some time I have collected story hooks that you can use for your stories of your product or services.

Here's 40 TikTok hooks that could make you go viral. (Not in any particular order)

1.) My go-to X for X.

2.) Don't buy that, buy this instead.

3.) I tried every X so you don't have to and here are the results.

4.) X people stop scrolling.

5.) This is for X people, so if you're not keep.

6.) 3 tips to get rid of X.

7.) 5 tips to get X.

8.) I promise you've never X.

9.) This risk-free X is something you need if you want to X.

10.) Stop scrolling if you want X.

11.) Wait! Don't go anywhere, I wanna show you something.

12.) Are you X looking to get rid of X / looking to get X.

13.) This video is only for X people, so keep scrolling if that's not you.

14.) X product is officially my go-to for X.

15.) Things TikTok made me buy.

16.) If you're like me and do X, then this one is for you.

17.) What I order vs. what I got.

18.) (reply to comment with video).

19.) Best X products I've tried that actually work.

20.) I just got my X products and I'm so excited.

21.) Things I Wish I Knew About Sooner Part X.

22.) I keep seeing these X from X all over my feed so I had to try.

23.) I actually can't believe this does X.

24.) I actually can't believe this only costs X.

25.) I just found X that does X.

26.) I just found X that does not X.

27.) I just got my package from X.

28.) (Snap transition with text question).

29.) ASMR of product in use.

30.) X Product is the only one I use for X and I'm gonna show you why.

31.) Some days I don't X and that's why I use X.

32.) Come do X with me (show the product in use).

33.) This is why you need X.

34.) I got the best gift for my X.

35.) Doing X is like X (metaphor + greenscreens + voiceovers).

36.) POV (only text and video).

37.) Guys, this works so well and looks so beautiful (end results, then problem + pain).

38.) This is one of my favorite X brands for X (Unboxing + in use).

39.) Product on website vs. in real life.

40.) Instead of doing/using X do X.

Put these hooks into action and go make some killer videos, and let me know how it goes!

Or contact me today and I help you finding stories for your business.


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