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8 social media post tips for cosmetic reseller

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

We all know from back in the days that Avon came directly to your door. And they were extremely successful with their reseller concept. They were so well known that even I as a kid would knew who they were. I will not further explain the sales concept behind that set up but would like to talk about how the sale to the client happened.

There are several factors that play into that success. They had first of all many sales people who would work the field. They would walk along the streets and ring at each house. They did the math and knew they would sell to a certain percentage. They were right there at the women's doorsteps. Bringing some distraction and the hope of a better feeling when using their product. They would also host presentation meetings for friends.

Basically we now have the possibility to come simultaneously into the houses of hundreds and thousands of potential customers from our own homes without leaving it. The social media channels made this possible. As internet can't (yet) provide you with a direct feeling, tasting and smelling experience of products it became very popular to watch product reviews and rely on the ratings and experiences of others. So it is very logical if you are a cosmetic reseller to provide this kind of experience for your potential customers.

The first thing you should always ask yourself: does this provide value to my followers. So what does this exactly mean? Think about the pain points of your potential customer. And it is not only physical things like less wrinkles, moisturized skin ... But also think about how you can support them achieving their personal goals.

A great example for a piece of content could be: how to use one of your special products to achieve the perfect make-up for not looking greasy in your youtube videos.

I promised to make this a quick tips article so here they are:

  1. Show your product together with a main benefit (marketers call that USP: Unique selling proposition. This is the unique benefit your service or product provides and makes it better in comparison with the competitor's product or service) that would help your customers. This is the quite obvious one. Problem and solution post.

  2. Use special occasion sales within a limited timeframe to raise your sales. A great example is using a special day (like international women's day) where you have 15% off on all orders on that special day. This is to trigger a buying response as it is a limited offer that is about to expires. That way your potential customers have to react "now!" to benefit from the deal.

  3. You can launch a contest to grow your audience and improve your reach. Make your product the prize or partner up with another brand or niche influencer on this and create a bundle of your products. When you launch this make sure you have the terms and conditions ready for your contest. Make it a requirement to repost and/or tag multiple people to enter the contest and document the process on social media. You should consider to allow several winners. This will more likely create reposts from the lucky winners. And more reposts means exposure and at the end gaining more followers interested in your products. if done right it should grow your channel with each of those campaigns.

  4. Testimonials and customer reviews are one of the key decision factors for buying from someone new. Humans trust other humans, even if they don't know them personally. The easiest way to achieve this is to ask your customers if they would like to give you a product review or testimonial. This is to help your potential customers make a better decision if they would like to buy this product or not. This builds trust in the brand and in the product.

  5. A way to engage on social media is to find like-minded people. In marketing speech: people from the same niche market. If you represent a special brand you could repost other people's posts or story. They should use or review the product you are also selling. You can add a nice text or comment to this, tag them with their account name. And you are ready to post. This can benefit you twice: You have free content and if they like what you are doing the might repost your post as well. The ones you are reposting: They are already using it and might be interested in others of your products as well. You would find them under a hashtag or follower of your brand's page. And if they repost it, you gain access to their audience who most likely belong to the same niche as you do.

  6. Rethink the visual style of your content: Research your most loved brands that you either would like to sell at a later stage or the one you are already selling: If you are looking at those brands on social media you might want to recreate and match their visual style by copying their type of content. Maybe they do curated product posts with high quality photos or a comparison picture, well known as a before and after images. Add them in the hashtags or tag them in your post. If they like your visual and it fits into their feed they will repost it. If they repost it is is a big win for you as you get exposed to a broader audience. This will for sure create a few more followers for you.

  7. Create a video where you are actually using the product. Describe how it feels using it, how it looks like. Keep in mind when doing this that you are an extension of the senses of your viewers. As we all have those mirror neurons in our brains, by simply watching you doing this they can recreate the experience through you.

  8. Don't forget to talk/write about your own values. People on the internet build clusters with similar values. So you might be a total fan of natural products and vegan cosmetics. So talk about it and tell them why you decided to go into this direction.

  9. Make sure you have a sales closing page so that you can actually convert your actions into sales. This can be an order or contact form, or more professional through an online store with credit card check-out.

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips about cosmetic social media content ideas that will help you creating more followers and customers and improve your marketing strategy. Just don't forget to actually engage with your followers and answer their questions.

And here comes the daily dose of self-marketing: I can help you setting up your marketing and advertising strategy and create an action plan on how to move your company forward and generate leads for your business. Contact me here.

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