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Tech toolkit for design and creation

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The need-to-know resources to jump start your business.

Are you tired of researching and testing tools while building your business? Then this cheat

sheet is for you.

I am glad you found your way here because the following tools and websites will definitely save you some time. I don’t dare to talk about shortcuts but having some resources for things you need always come in handy. Especially when you are not specialized on the design side or just are starting your dream of a business or becoming an influencer.

I have made a special collection of my favorite tools. I LOVE trying out new tools and I listed only the ones that stood the test of time. What you will like will most likely vary for your personal use, depending on your own preferences and field of activity. I also added some productivity tools as a bonus.

You will find little helpers for several categories like color, design, image retouching, video, productivity, social media, website builders and email automation.

Have fun exploring these tools! You can download them for free here:

Tech Toolkit for Design and Creation
Download PDF • 673KB

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