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The importance of a website

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

To get started with your business you need to have a few things in place. Besides of having an awesome business idea, I suggest to create your own website. In my consultations I got frequently asked "Do I really need a website?". And I will say in most of the cases yes to this question.

The main 6 reasons to build your own website when starting a business

  1. Get found: I used to think that I don't have to mention this, but here I am, saying it again. What is the first thing you do when you need or are interested in something? Right! You google (or duckduckgo ect.) Customers can find you when searching for a service or product. There is much more into this (google ads and SEO for example) but I am talking here just about the basics for now.

  2. Credibility: Customers will very much likely want to visit your website to check the credibility of you or your company before they buy something. Does this look like a professional website? No one likes to pay for something they will never receive or find out that there are a lot of bad reviews on the internet after they got ripped off.

  3. Service/product overview: The service or product descriptions are important as well as finding out what else you have to offer. Ideally you can explain the benefits in a great and interesting way.

  4. Testimonials: Online buying and trust building is made through peer reviews and customer testimonials. It is just the way humans are hardwired. The trust into the recommendations of other humans. This counts much more than just you writing on your website about your great products.

  5. Offer downloads of digital products or sell directly from your website: This is a great way that customers can find everything that you offer in one place. And they don't have to go somewhere else to find your products.

  6. You are not dependent only on social media channels: This seems a bit weird at first when you hear it but it totally makes sense. Social media channels come and go. I saw it happening many times that someone build their whole income on Instagram. And Instagram decided to blog the account without further notice. From one day to another everything the person did build up was gone. ZERO income from one day to the other - all the investments of time, ads and customer relationships gone. So now imagine you built several thousands of followers and customers on Instagram - at least they know you have a website where you can inform them about what happened and where they can find you soon.

Most business starters won't have too much money to invest into their website at the beginning. As this depends on the business model and expectations. And it can cost from 500 to 100.000 actually there are no limits upwards. So I usually advise that they make the minimum viable product to start with. And this can range from 500 to 4000 to get started.

The questions you will have to ask yourself before you start your new website project

What you are willing to invest:

  • How much money can you afford for the website? Considering there is a one-off payment for building the website and after that there will be monthly and annual fees to keep it up and running.

  • How much time are you willing to invest into building your website?

  • How good are your technical skills?

  • How much are you willing to learn new skills?

  • Do you have creative skills like writing or taking photos?

  • Will there be more than one language needed on the website?

  • Do I have people in my network that could help me with that?

Once you have answered these questions it will be much easier to take the next steps on how to proceed setting up your website.

And here comes the daily dose of self-marketing: I can help you setting up your marketing and advertising strategy and create an action plan on how to move your company forward and generate leads for your business. Contact me here.

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