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Top 10 marketing mistakes to avoid

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

There is a long list of marketing mistakes in business.

To provide you with a checklist, I summed up my top 10 list of what to avoid:

  1. Failing to test the key elements of your advertising

  2. Running institutional advertising

  3. Not differentiating yourself from the competition

  4. Never developing a back-end service

  5. Failing to understand your client’s needs and desires

  6. Cutting prices to solve problems, instead of educating yourself about problems

  7. Not making business with you easy, fun and appealing

  8. Never explaining the “reason why” to your customers

  9. Stopping your marketing promotions before they start working

  10. Not specifically targeting your market

So how did you do? Did you discover some areas to work on?

Don’t underestimate the power of making seemingly small improvements.

And here comes the daily dose of self-marketing: I can help you setting up your marketing and advertising strategy and create an action plan on how to move your company forward and generate leads for your business. Contact me here.

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